Sister with the magic...
You were made for a life overflowing with ecstasy, abundance, beauty + sensual leadership.

One to one

My 1:1 queens are my sisters. Together we awaken your codes of magnetism, wealth, sensual business, quantum consciousness + shadow alchemy... so you can birth your legacy + a life dripping in orgasmic, *pinch me* moments.

You must have an appetite for making bold moves + relish in leading yourself... Like me, you aren't here to fuck around with this one beautiful life. You know you were made for a beautiful life, so you are ALL IN when it comes to healing + calibrating to your fullest, sexiest reality.

Our journey together is a bridge between the ancient magical realms, shadow work + the material world of business, money, sex + strategy. We will have so many giggles + yummy 'aha' moments! And... of course as you claim more openness, turn on, intuitive leadership and quantum wealth... you will face your deep shadows. I will be your big fat permission slip, supporting you to navigate the expansion, through coaching, embodiment rituals, rebirthing breathwork + other potent feminine energy teachings.

I believe that we get to be conscious spiritual leaders liberating this planet AND luxuriate in the earthly, orgasmic abundance of the 3D world. You get to live your dharma, heal the world, make a difference... whilst owning your pleasure, generating wealth + living the life of your wildest fantasy. 

My 1:1 is for the rebellious self leading queen, here to heal the planet and live a life that's rich in pleasure + embodied abundance.

Integrating feminine + masculine energetics to amplify magnetism, money + business magic.

Living a life dripping in ecstasy, gratitude + *pinch me* moments. And refusing to settle for anything BUT this.

Unlocking a deeper connection to Source, Nature, Self, body based wisdom + feminine leadership.

Breaking "the rules" + becoming an energetic match for quantum leaps, big dreams, pleasure + miracles.

Relinquishing fear around sensuality, throat chakra, power, wealth + receiving.

Healing emotional + ancestral roots of “not good enough” patterns or sisterhood wounds.

Expanding your capacity to receive (clients, love, online visibility, wealth etc).

Healing the planet through through boundaries, embodied leadership + integrity.

Magical areas I help clients to heal + expand into...

I am a Priestess, Coach + Mentor to women who love to lead themselves. The 1:1 experiences I facilitate are multidimensional and draw from the vast modalities I have trained + certified in.

I am the space-holder for the queen who desires a reality of quantum leaps + takes radical responsibility for her shadow + her power.

If that is your vibe, I am here to support you to tap even deeper into the overflowing wisdom, magnetism, pleasure + abundance codes already within you.

No quick fixes. No pedestal. No mommying you. Your soul knows. And we walk together.

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client love notes

So damn grateful for Amy and her abundance codes. This woman is the queen of quantum leaps, embodiment and facilitating deep AF healing that really changes your life. In three months together, I feel like I experienced 20 years of therapy, healing, business coaching + spiritual wisdom, all wrapped into one. I have never met another mentor like Amy.


kind words

“This is the best journey I’ve ever been and one I am so proud of. You wouldn’t recognise the woman I am today. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to Amy. If you’re looking for major transformation, confidence and self-worth, then Amy is your woman.”


kind words

“Amy made me feel so safe, loved, heard and empowered. She taught me how to take responsibility for my life without punishing myself. Amy helped me confront and heal a significant trauma that happened over 12 years ago -- this resulted in me having more raw and honest relationships with myself, friends and family. I would hate to think where I would be right now if I never world with Amy. She isn’t just a coach, she truly becomes a friend.”


kind words

“She changed my way of thinking, living and believing completely and gave me the courage to leave my career in pursuit of my dreams. Always so supportive and inspiring, Amy is the healing medicine you need when you’re afraid, but ready for change. I am so grateful to her.”


kind words

“Amy transformed my entire life. From the moment we met I felt relaxed, encouraged, inspired and able to open up. Amy has the warmest, wisest energy and is an extremely knowledgeable, talented coach. Even though I’d spent years battling with anxiety, bingeing and low confidence, Amy helped me make positive changes from day one. I’ve completely re-evaluated every aspect of my life and I have my sparkle back. THe work we did helped me get to the root of so many long-standing issues and set me on a new path for good. I feel reset, confident, glowing and motivated for the first time in years. I feel so lucky to be one of Amy’s clients and cannot recommend her enough.”


I am formally certified as a Transformational Life Coach (ANIMAS TLC), Integrative Holistic Health Coach (IIN HTCP), a VITA Sex, Love & Relationships Coach in training and a Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator. I am an experienced teacher of abundance energetics, healing, feminine empowerment, transformation and spiritual leadership. I'm a student of life + one of the most curious humans you'll meet.

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