When you ignite your confidence, you can harness anything you want.


I am an experienced expert in transformational coaching, but my heart’s mission lies in supporting women to feel hugely confident. I know what it’s like to be stuck with a nasty inner critic, comparing myself and drained by self-doubt. It kept me small, stuck and at rock bottom.

When I reinvented my confidence and self worth, my well-being, relationships, career, finances and love life radically transformed. I came home to my most confident, bold self.

Through my past mental health struggles I discovered that crippling self-doubt, comparison and second-guessing yourself are symptoms of a deeper root cause. In a year, I went from rock bottom to sky-high and I believe you can too… if you have the right tools and support system.

You were born to live, not just exist.

Using proven psychology tools & transformational coaching, I’ve guided hundreds of women to master the self-critical thoughts & habits that keep them stuck. Many physical issues and anxiety are mirroring what’s going on inside - and I’ll personally help you to uncover what really needs healing, so you can start living the wildly happy, confident life that looks just like the one on your vision board.

are you ready to ditch the doubt, free yourself from perfectionism & love the woman you see in the mirror?


This is perfect if you’re looking for:

  • 24-7 support on your journey of confidence

  • A total self-doubt and comparison detox.

  • Exclusive coaching support and expert mentoring from me.

  • Action steps & proven strategies to build a life beyond your wildest dreams.

  • A safe place to chat about your dreams and ask burning questions.

  • Access to amazing lifestyle, health and mindset tools, to keep you on track.

How 1-2-1 Coaching works:

We meet for weekly sessions in person or on video call - meaning you can work with me from anywhere in the world!

You get:

  • Email support between sessions (because I’ve totally got your back!)

  • Bespoke confidence-building action plan

  • Emotional & Physical Wellness plan

  • Real-life assignments and expert resources

  • A complete confidence transformation

As your personal coach, I am your partner and best friend through it all - the good, the bad and the ugly! I am there for you at any moment you need to steer away from self-doubt and take those daunting leaps you know you need to take.

I guide you to uncover what is really in the way of your desires. You’ll stop going through the motions, learn to connect to your inner wisdom and leverage your untapped gifts and purpose. Together, we get crystal clear on your dream future - even the goals you’re not sure are possible. Our coaching relationship will be intimate, warm and connected - the type of supportive, non-judgmental friendship you’ve never had.

1-2-1 coaching is never a one-size-fits all approach - we create a uniquely personalised plan that works for you. You can always count on safe encouragement, proven guidance and confidentiality.



My method combines a powerful synergy of proven psychology tools, integrative nutrition & life coaching.

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Feeling confident anywhere, anytime.
Having total faith in yourself.
Becoming the woman you dream of being.
Waking up to a life you’re in love with.
Loving the skin you’re in.

I’ll show you how.

This is for you if:

You are serious about positive change
You are open minded and keen to try new approaches
You are willing to commit to whatever it takes
You are ready to confront the past so you can truly move on
You are open to being honest about your habits
You are ready to up-level your confidence
You will show up for yourself even when it's hard


This is not for you if:

You want a quick overnight fix
You want a fast solution with minimal effort
You’re not willing to look into old beliefs
You’re not ready to change or follow through
You’re not prepared to honour your commitments
You’re not punctual for your sessions
You give up easily

Coaching is one of the most supportive, transformative experiences you'll ever have. New clients are often blown away by the level of support they receive during their journey.



You too can learn how to release the beliefs that limit your happiness, health and confidence. Your relationship with your body, habits and money are all a mirror image of what is really going on inside. Many of us reject or deny our feelings and desires, because we are scared we aren’t worthy of great things.

When we live a safe life out of alignment with what we really want (and who we really are) we wind up feeling stuck and uncertain. Coaching can be the key to unlocking that next chapter of your life and turning those distant dreams into reality.

Ready to get unstuck and carve a new path?