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Cosmic Creatrix

We explore how to feel more confident, calm and worthy so that you can...

Cosmic Creatrix is a one of a kind self paced journey for women who want step-by-step support to manifest their goals, without bypassing the natural emotions and challenges along the way.

Feel clear on you want to manifest and the steps to create your goals.

Prioritise pleasure and play, as well as action taking.

Confidently trust your path and beating yourself up over the timing of your manifestations.

Stay grounded in reality whilst also embodying deep self trust.

Unify your inner Queen and inner King, for a balanced approach to goal achievement

Reframe  jealousy and comparison into inspiration and empowerment.

Feel more comfortable receiving what you want!

Address the barriers to your goals whilst remaining connected to your big vision.

Begin challenging the inner voice that doesn't believe you are worthy of good things.

I'm ready to claim my dreams!!

There are hundreds of courses and books out there that teach "one size fits all" strategies for manifesting. And many of these encourage you to disconnect from your very REAL human emotions.

I say... there's another way.

One where we get to manifest our goals AND be a real fucking human that courageously moves through the feels, the ebbs + sensitivity.

This is the nature and tone of Cosmic Creatrix.

In this self-led course, you learn to manifest without the bypass,  release generational money trauma + somatic rituals for stepping into a more abundant, self-confident reality.

"With Amy’s support, techniques and rituals, I’ve been able to deeply imprint a completely new set of beliefs about myself, my creativity is flowing and aligned work opportunities keep showing up. I finally see and feel my worth, I am proud of who I am and I am speaking my truth without worrying about what other people will think."

"This is the best journey I’ve ever been on and one I am so proud of. You wouldn’t recognise the woman I am today. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to Amy. If you’re looking for major transformation, confidence, and self-worth, then Amy is your woman."

This experience is a portal that will guide you to…

Cosmic Creatrix Isn't A Course You Take And Then Forget About A Month Later.

Honour your worthiness, regardless of your achievements.

Unify your inner Queen and inner King, for a balanced approach to goals and manifesting.

Unplug from the scarcity matrix and embody abundant beliefs and living.

Begin healing generational and ancestral trauma surrounding limiting beliefs.

Take your manifestation process into deeper, embodied depths.

Become more self compassionate and capable of making your dreams a reality

What's included in the Cosmic Creatrix Course?

This course was originally a powerful 14-day live experience and is now available as a self-led course. You can do it over a 14-day period (more intensive) or you can space it out at a rhythm that works for you. You do you babe.


You can expect to devote 30 minutes most days for your "soul assignments", rituals or manifestation practice. There's also 4 x 90-minute prerecorded workshops (these are insanely good!!!) plus a Closing Ceremony (45 minutes) to complete + celebrate the journey.

In addition to hours of teachings, there is also...

Hypnosis for Generational Money Trauma (worth £333)
Bedtime Hypnotherapy Abundance Reprogramming Experience (worth £333)
 Daily Manifestation Assignments (worth £888)
 Body Based Alignment Rituals (worth £333)

Meet Your Coach

Hiiiii queen! I'm Amy.

It's important to me that I create spaces where my clients feel recognised, brave and supported. So let me share a bit more about the depth of what I do and my qualifications... I'm a certified Transformational Coach (with ICF-recognised Animas), Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner (GBA) and Womens' Holistic and Integrative Health Coach (IIN) and have trained in the VITA SLRC program. I undertake ongoing trainings and further study on an ongoing basis so I can continue refining my spaces and practices.

Informally, I am head over heels in love with the world of women's healing, sensuality, empowerment and spirituality. Part of my passion for this work also comes from my own healing journey, having overcome PTSD from childhood sexual abuse. While my trauma experience doesn't qualify me a trained trauma expert (I am not a therapist), it was the reason I discovered somatic healing and women's healing spaces, which led to me becoming a coach and space-holder myself.

Manifestation is transformational work, but it can also be challenging, complex (or even traumatising) for some individuals. If you do have a history of trauma or you are currently struggling with trauma, I recommend consulting with a licensed therapist before considering or undertaking any work of this nature.

I will always intend to create brave spaces with trauma-informed considerations, but I cannot guarantee a "safe" space. What creates safety is unique to you and your experiences and I do not assume to know that. My courses are not a replacement for therapy and I have my own biases and privileges as a teacher that I am actively working on (but I am still imperfect).

Amy Rushworth

Is this a pre-recorded course?

This course was originally a live course and the recordings + content is now available as a self-led online course. Inside, you'll find the library of live workshops, meditations, soul assignments + manifestation rituals.

You get guaranteed access to everything for a full year, plus any future updates, so you can return to this material again and again. Most of the meditations are downloadable so you can keep them forever too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time/energy will be required?

Cosmic Creatrix was originally a potent 14-day experience. But now that it is self-led,  you can take it as slowly or intensively as you desire. There are no rules. Just devotion, done your way.

What level of support will I receive from you, Amy?

The calls inside were originally LIVE, however this is now operating as a self-led online course so you will be guiding yourself through the process.

How long is the course?

The course is split into daily modules (so 14 modules for 14 days). You can take this course intensively over 14 days OR take it slow over a longer time period as you feel INTO each assignment or ritual. There's no rush - these codes are magic medicine you'll use for a lifetime.


Is there an age restriction?

I recommend this course for women who are 18 or over. I’ve worked with women of all ages and walks of life, even queens in their 60s and 70s. It’s never too late to dive into this work.

How much is the course?

This course is £333. Partial scholarships are available (by application) for women of colour, single mothers and women with financial difficulties. Please email for more information on scholarships and discounts.

Ready to manifest what you want from a confident, integrated foundation?


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Cosmic Creatrix is for you if you're ready to bust out of the manifestation plateau and embrace an empowered manifestation process that's grounded in reality.