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where spiritual women come together for rebirthing breathwork, spiritual awakening + empowerment.



Honeys Who Heal is a community where you get to become the healthy wealthy, powerful AF and spiritually aligned version of yourself... without apology!

Let's be real... being on a healing/spiritual journey can be a wild, lonely ride without a map. But inside this community?!

You get to be your hottest self and be surrounded by other babes who "get it", who see you and want to see you shining BIG and bright.

Aside from the vibey community, you're also invited to LIVE breathwork ceremonies and manifestation circles every full and new moon.

Did I mention there's a vault with hundreds of rituals, meditations, masterclasses, podcasts, goddess ceremonies that you can binge or move through at your own pace?!

This membership is an absolute no-brainer if you want to be in my world, connected with amazing likeminded women and drench your life in pleasure, self care, healing and power!

Your wildly unashamed, unapologetic spiritual era is calling!

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For less than £2 a day

rebirthing breathwork

Every Full Moon

with replay + access to previous ceremonies.

MANIFESTATION & visualisation CEREMONies

Every New Moon

with replay + access to previous ceremonies.


New Releases, Every Month

hundreds more, organised by category and desire

200+ classes & practices

Immediate Unlimited Access




"This membership is SUCH a gift... It keeps on giving month after month. Breathwork has helped me fully drop into my body for the first time ever and surrender to its magical wisdom. The transformational classes, sisterhood and knowing I have somewhere to go every full and new moon... has been truly life changing."

"It's got me feeling SO good. I've been prioritising the rituals for the last few months and it's got me SO at peace and loving my body, which is making my relationship with my partner sooo much better."

"This space has changed how I see myself. And how I feel about life and knowing my worth. I am navigating this next big chapter in my life with so much more strength and courage.

"Rebirthing breathwork + your rituals have honestly changed my life.

I am finally facing the things I was pretending were okay... but truly weren't. Life altering."

"The healing and value we get inside this membership is other-worldly."

"As someone who has always hidden in the shadows, I'm loving getting to know my light, my strength, my beauty + the woman I am meant to be. Thank you so much for this sanctuary Amy."

"This is the most incredible space!"

"You've created something amazing, Amy. I'm going to repeat this month's breathwork tonight and I'm looking forward to it, knowing I can use this time to let go and feel my feelings fully."

"The most powerful, beautiful breathwork ceremonies I have ever been to. So many FUCK YES moments every single time."

"I had such deep healing within the first 15 minutes of just ONE live breathwork."

"Never have I had so many emotions come to the surface and I embraced every moment of it."

"This membership has been the most healing influence of my personal development, ever. I have already felt such healing from the breathwork."

Experience new levels of  self connection, spiritual self-care + EMBODIED confidence. 

There is no ONE way to be spiritual, or express your personal growth. Let HWH be your permission slip, to become the most "you" you can be.

No more fear of being shamed for your spiritual beliefs or your passion for the weird, witchy ways of life. Embrace a community of queens who get it!


Allow yourself to receive support, just because. This is a multifaceted community, library and experiential sanctuary, where you can take what you need and feel deeply supported in your growth.

This membership is where you reclaim every lost part of who you are, unapologetically. Honeys Who Heal is where you rise into full radiance.

As a globally-recognised thought leader on empowerment, I help you heal fear and shame, so you can step into the most outrageously free, unapologetically expressed version of you.

I've got a burning passion taboo and "naughty topics" such as sexual wellness, bold self-expression and defying social expectations. The topics that women are typically taught to shut up about (or be ashamed of) are the type of conversations I live for!

Through my wildly popular online courses, Amy Rushworth Show podcast, in-person retreats and free daily content... I support you to trust yourself like never before, make your "unrealistic" dreams happen and create a life oozing in pleasure, power and joy.

I combine my background and qualifications in Rebirthing Breathwork, Somatic Parts Work, Transformational and Sexuality Coaching, Somatic Healing, Integrative Nutrition... with real-talk, practical wisdom. Over the years I've built a global coaching and healing business that serves thousands of clients and students in dozens of countries.

Empowerment + Sexual Wellness Coach and Breathwork Teacher, to women who are ready to f*ck off the rules and create a life of unashamed pleasure and deep confidence.

Hi beauty, I'm Amy.

Welcome to the real-talking, fun-loving community you’ve been seeking.

Welcome to the REAL-TALKING,
FUN-LOVING community
you’ve been seeking.

Welcome to the real-talking, fun-loving community you’ve been seeking.


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"Amy is a miracle worker and her teachings, knowledge and guidance have truly changes, transformed and explanded my life in ways I didn't know were possible."


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