You're ready to be heard by your global                      audience + turn the volume wayyyy up on your impact!



But the mother fucking Instagram algorithm is busting your vibe. Sometimes you think, "Is anyone even listening? Is anyone ACTUALLY seeing my magic?"
You're here to share DEEPER, life shifting conversations.

You have messages + medicine that could transform 1000s of lives.

Creating 20 second Instagram reels alone in your bedroom just isn't cutting it.


Everything you need to create, market + get your podcast poppin' off

All the technical shit: software, microphones, sound quality + editing

Use your podcast to grow your community, social platforms + network



But... if your dream community can’t hear you or FEEL you, how will they work with you?

The podcast life has been calling. But you don't know where the fuck to begin, how to set up all the logistical bits, how to get guests on. Or simply, you want to know how to get it out in the world NOT sounding like shit.

Fear not, babe. I got you.

I’ll share my lessons and top tips for growing your very own podcast 

Go from 3k followers on Instagram to a highly engaged audience of 21,000!

Grow my email list from 1000 to 9000 subscribers.

Reach thousands more people globally every week with my work

Fill up my programs and receive more enquiries than ever before

Receive more speaking + podcast invitations from other creators

 Expand my industry network & friendships

Earn money from sponsorships - aka literally get paid to talk about shit I love!


Walk Away Knowing EXACTLY:

Launch The Damn Podcast: Just £99

In 4 years, The Amy Rushworth show has had over 320,000 downloads & grows week on week.

Starting my podcast helped me:

What started as a MASSIVELY SCARY "someday I'll do that..." goal, became one of the FUNNEST, sacred parts of my work...

Not to mention THE strongest marketing & sales channel in my business.

With Lifetime access + special bonuses

5 reasons 

Build authority and trust


Why having a podcast is amazeballs for growing your online biz & sharing your hot-shit magic:

Podcasting allows you to share your wisdom & expertise on topics related to your niche, positioning you as a leader in your industry. It also helps your future clients FEEL who you are & what you stand for.

Connect with soulmate clients

In a world filled with reels and short form content, podcasting allows you to really connect with your audience. Sharing your stories, experiences & opinions builds deeper connections with your soulmate clients. They get a taste of what it'd be like to work with you more intimately.

Savvy marketing + sales

A podcast that people love is one of the BEST marketing + sales funnels. Potential clients no longer have to get on long sales calls to get to know you or spend years on your email newsletter before they buy from you.

Engaging podcasts attract a longer attention span, which means your listeners are deeply feeling into your vibe, rather than passively scrolling past you on the IG feed. This is why podcasts are an amazing way to nurture MANY people at once, without extra time and hustle.

Reach a global audience

With a podcast, you can connect with people from all over the world who are interested in your work and love you in their ears everyday.

It gives you a platform for collaborating with other experts in your industry who will cross-promote your social media. This allows you to connect with way more new people who potentially become paying clients & raving fans.

Repurposing content from your podcast allows you to support & inspire your audience across multiple social media channels, whilst also protecting your sacred time and energy. One 45 minute interview can be repurposed for reels, Youtube, carousel posts and even inspiration for your email list.

Supercharge your content creation and work smarter (not harder)


Claiming the confidence + AUDACITY to let your voice be heard.

Demystifying the tech: the types of software I use for recording, editing + sharing the podcast to multiple social media platforms

Microphone, video + audio tips to make your podcast professional, magnetic + high calibre

Crafting a vision, vibe + intentions for your podcast to keep you aligned, on-brand and inspired to keep creating

How to create enticing invitations for people you want to come on your podcast, especially when you are first starting

Choosing topics + questions for YOUR first 5 interviews, selecting the right guests + correct preparation to make the process smoother

Overcoming the voice of perfectionism + self criticism when you hear your voice or see yourself on video (lol, we've all been there babe)

How to create SOUL GOOD promo to market your episodes, repurpose content across multiple platforms + incentivise your guests to re-share with their audience

What to outsource VS what to do yourself


Launch The Damn Podcast: Just £99

In this 2 hour crash course you'll learn:

student feedback

"💬 This Leo queen’s intentionality putting together this training was just the best 

The plan to speak to your listeners with the questions was amazing- I have shifted niches a bit recently and have felt a bit clouded in my messaging so this even helped with my content to massively ♥️

The breakdown of the tech was also amazing this has been the biggest roadblock for me now j feel super clear and ready to launch 

Amy’s vibe is also just beautiful you can tell she actually deeply cares for the small detailes and equally about every individual that was there ♥️

I’m so excited to launch now thank you Amy 🥰👑🦁"

YES! Get me inside

Yasmin Rose

"💬 I had just completed a podcast masterclass that was included within a course that I paid for, from one of the top-rated podcasts hosts, so I was a little apprehensive about spending more money. I am SO glad I did as this gave me sooooo much more than the other podcast masterclass. It was so much simpler and easy to digest. I feel super excited and ready to go now after this.

It gave me everything I need to start the pocast, including getting over fears around editing and equipment as the tech side really turns me off.

I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone looking to start a podcast. The investment is so worth it.

Thank you Amy x"

"💬 This exceeded my expectations. It was interactive and gave me so much more confidence in doing a podcast but also in general life and business. I would definitely do future courses with Amy.
Thank you"

Amy Ellis

"💬 Loved this masterclass - the information was digestible and made me feel like I can start right away. Knowing the different types of tech and equipment based on budget was great as to avoid searching for hours! I felt as though I was having an empowerment coaching session with you and am grateful for the tips on how to overcome fear. Also knowing how you overcame your own barriers was inspiring!
Thank you Amy for the wonderful masterclass and putting out your authentic energy into the world and encouraging us to do the same! ♥️"

Being a solopreneur
is not a walk in the park.

You’re spinning multiple plates, especially at the beginning when you’re the CEO, head of marketing, tech, customer support, finances, the list goes on!

Starting a podcast can seem daunting.

But if it is a dream of yours... let me reassure you: it’s actually really straightforward when you’ve got a plan to follow.

If any of these resonate, this masterclass is for you:

  • You want to start a podcast, but don’t know where to start so you've been procrastinating

  • You’re ready for more people to hear your message and wisdom. You know a podcast is where it's at.

  • Tech is not your strongest suit and you don’t want to waste hours researching what mic, camera or software to use, or how you create snippets of the show

  • If you already have your podcast, you want to make it even more HOT SHIT GOOD + take the quality up a notch

  • You want to build connections with industry leaders + collaborate with people who inspire you

  • You want more soulmate clients buying from you


Your complete roadmap to starting + loving the shit out of having your own podcast.

This is what you could achieve...

Episode plays

With lifetime access + special bonuses

Empowerment Mentor, Educator and Breathwork Healer, to women who are ready to f*ck off the rules and create a life of unashamed pleasure and deep confidence.

I'm Amy Rushworth

As a globally-recognised thought leader on empowerment, I help women heal fear and shame, so they can step into the most outrageously free, unapologetically expressed version of themselves.

I have a burning passion the taboo and "naughty areas" of womanhood -- such as sexual wellness, bold self-expression and defying social expectations. The topics that women are typically taught to shut up about (or be ashamed of) are the type of conversations I live for!

Through my wildly popular online courses, The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, in-person retreats and free daily content... I support you to trust yourself like never before, make your "unrealistic" dreams a reality and create a life oozing in pleasure, power and truth.

I combine my background and qualifications in Rebirthing Breathwork, transformational coaching, sexual wellness, somatic healing, trauma-sensitive practice and integrative nutrition... with real-talk, practical wisdom. Over the years I've built a global coaching and healing business that serves thousands of clients and students in dozens of countries.

Why I’m not charging as much as I should for this.

Since starting my biz 8 years ago, I’ve helped thousands of women to find their pleasure, confidence and power in life, business + the bedroom.

I’ve mentored hundreds of well known coaches in my industry + helped them on their journey.

Having premium prices has allowed me to attract highly committed clients.

My group courses + masterminds cost between $333 to $9000.
So in regards to this crash course, I've made it very affordable.

I'm here to undersell and MASSIVELY  over-deliver.

I want this to be a no-brainer for anyone who
wants their own podcast, but needs to stop procrastinating + receive those tough love instructions on how to do the damn thing.

So, why now?

Over the past few years, I’ve seen so many amazing coaches struggle to build a bigger Insta audience or utilise the advice from social media coaches who grew their audiences many eons ago.

Without new clients, these coaches feel unrecognised, UNHEARD + unable to have the healing impact they want.

Which also means, less people get to change their lives for the better. And that fucking sucks!

For THAT reason, I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as I possibly can.

I'm sure we can agree that reaching a wider audience is A MAJOR PART of growing your online biz. And when you create the podcast you dream of, imagine how many people it could help, that want YOUR support.

Plus, what an HONOUR (and a vibe) to be able to have deep, meaningful conversations as your actual job!

If you would like my help doing that, your investment is just £99.
I would pay 100 times that to save all the trial and error I went through figuring it out on my own.

...and remember! If you don't feel I delivered all the points I promised by the end of the training, I'll give you your money back! So, what do you really have to lose?

Is launching your podcast worth £99 to you? If you are ready to get out of your own way & finally have the podcast of your dreams that grows your business, click the link below and I can’t wait to support you!


I can help you get this shit poppin', build your confidence and share your awesome voice with the people who need it!