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Brought to you Amy Rushworth, the UK's leading confidence coach & transformational mentor, this high-vibe podcast shares juicy stories from experts & soul-nourishing advice on confidence, positivity & female empowerment.

Amy & her guests dive into how to cultivate confidence across all areas of our lives, overcome failures & fears, & manifesting your dreams. Whatever your reason may be for feeling stuck or under-confident, there are ways to get your sparkle back, fire up your self worth and ignite your inner confidence. Expect impactful real-world tools, relatable stories & a big dose of inspiration!



With Nicky Clinch

This is the episode for you if you're looking for a big dose of inspiration, a reminder that everything is going to be OK and to learn the effective tools for building your confidence. I get deep, raw and vulnerable with the amazing Nicky Clinch who is a Transformational Coach, Spiritual Mentor and Founder of the Warrior Woman movement. Over the last two decades Nicky has risen from the depths of addiction to become a pioneer in transformational mentoring, empowering women to come home to their most authentic selves. We both share our own stories of transformation and how rock bottom became the foundation from which we built our confidence, reclaimed our power and reinvented our lives.