An online spiritual community where women gather for breathwork, heart awakening and feminine embodiment.

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Orgasmic Ascension


Luxurious self care, expansive spiritual support, cosmic updates and live activations - every new + full moon.

The spiritual healing journey can be a wild ride! That's exactly why I created this membership.

OA is a fusion of community space... a self development library... self care sanctuary... where you can come home to anytime, to honour your body, expand your self awareness and heal.

Every month, you get access to LIVE breathwork ceremonies, live new moon classes and wisdom from world class teachers, supportive rituals and meditations, as well as an in-depth cosmic forecast from our in-house astrologer, Oath Oracle.

You’ll also receive access to private members’ Telegram Group — where you can connect with new friends.

Your visionary astrologer


Oath Oracle

Ayesha is a visionary astrologer + business oracle who is deeply devoted to transforming past trauma into power & freedom, while activating others to do the same.

Each month, Ayesha offers an in-depth astrological forecast for the month ahead including how to work with the energy of the New Moon, Full Moon + cosmic transits of that unique lunar cycle.

"I've been prioritising the rituals for a couple of weeks and it's got me feeling so good, at peace and loving my body, which is making my relationship with my partner sooo much better."

"This space has changed how I see myself, how I feel and knowing my worth. I am navigating this next big chapter in my life with so much more strength and courage...I just can't thank you enough for just how amazing and life changing you are xx."

"Our OA breathwork + rituals have honestly changed my life. I am finally facing the things I was pretending were okay... but truly weren't. Life altering."

"The healing we get inside OA is other worldly. As someone who has always hidden in the shadows, I'm loving getting to know my light, my strength, my beauty + the woman I am meant to be. Thank you so much for this sanctuary Amy."

Experience new levels of self connection, spiritual awakening +                       confidence. 

No more playing small or feeling like you’re “not spiritual” because you don’t burn sage, wear harem pants and chant. Spiritual awakening doesn’t need to put you in some holy box or make you better than others.


No more fear of being slut-shamed if you step into your sexual expression. No more slut-shaming yourself. Being sensually-liberated is part of being spiritually-aligned.


You can BE every shade of who you already are. Abundant. Spiritual. Sexy. Rich. Sexual. Working through trauma. Working 9-5 by day and casting magic spells by night. Wild. Bougee. Emotional. Orgasmic. Healing patterns. Making money. Living your best life.


This membership is where you reclaim every lost part of who you are, unapologetically. Orgasmic Ascension is where you rise into full radiance.


Hey angel, I'm Amy.

I’m here to help you remember your unapologetic wholeness, power, feminine essence and body-based wisdom.

I've helped thousands of women across the world through breathwork, feminine energetics, healing + empowerment teachings... to radically love themselves, create their dreams + feel wildly confident in their multidimensional identities.

It's my honour to steer you home to your body, spirit, desires and self love... because we both know that you came to live a beautiful life.

Welcome to the nourishing community you’ve been searching for

A space where powerful spiritual women come together to make their vitality, pleasure and unapologetic power a priority + expand their self awareness.

When you start “waking up” it can be lonely + disorientating. The things you used to do on the weekends, the group you used to gossip with, the shows you used to watch on TV… a lot of it doesn't resonate anymore.

It all feels a little shallow.

Now… you’re dreaming of something deeper. You’re drawn to meditation, connecting to your spirit guides and seeing angel numbers everywhere. You’re seeing life through a new lens.

You’re also seeing women differently… You’re mesmerised by powerful woman you used to compare yourself to.

You’re noticing the ones who are fully owning their feminine magic + wildness... and you can’t look away. You want IN on that kind of liberation.

Awakening one — I see you!!!

I created this online space because I want you to be fully supported and lit-up on your path to spiritual growth, body reclamation and inner queendom.

Every month we dive into a specific key theme that I’m vibin’. We’ll be wading into the wild waters of sensuality, money, relationships, purpose, manifestation, astrology, periods, spiritual rituals, confidence, feminine awakening and much more.

Your wild woman and inner witchy one... are ready to play.

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