Speaking, sharing + expressing is a passion that truly lights my fire.

I love to impart my wisdom + lived experiences so that other human beings can know that they are not alone and how to seek support.


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Many of my clients work in corporate environments and silently struggle with low confidence, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, mental health concerns and hormonal conditions. All of these conditions affect not only the quality of their life, but also their levels of fulfilment, their productivity and the way they show up everyday for their careers. 

When I worked in a 9-5 career, I was a high-achiever who secretly struggled with panic attacks, low confidence, unhealthy habits and poor mental health. As a result, my performance slowly declined, my mental health issues worsened and I was signed off work temporarily with burnout and pneumonia. The lack of support and personal development at work (combined with the stigma around mental health) made me feel incredibly isolated and I didn’t receive counselling and coaching until I was literally at rock bottom. 

Healthy living is not simply about food and fitness. We need to nourish our minds, engage in purposeful work, cultivate healthy relationships and belong to workplaces that offer a sense of community and connectedness. I am a passionate advocate for promoting mental health discussions and holistic support in the workplace. Most clients I work with have a fear of speaking up about concerns with their employer, which means they suffer in silence and their confidence decreases. When you support people mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually, you create a company culture of dedicated A-players. 

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Overcoming self-sabotage, comparison and the fear of being judged
Overthinking + perfectionism — why we do it, how to overcome it
Harnessing the masculine + feminine energies for more success + alignment
The 4-Step Process for igniting confidence in any area of your life


How rock bottom can be your solid foundation for transformation
Raising your vibration to consciously manifest anything you want
Why breakups + breakdowns are the portal to deeper self-love + connection
How to transcend your limiting beliefs and build unstoppable self-belief


How To Heal Your Pain + Reconnect to Pleasure
From Surviving To Thriving — tools to change your life from the inside out
Why Childhood Wounds, People Pleasing + Poor Boundaries Are Draining Your Energy
Overcoming Burnout + Rediscovering Purpose

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“Amy helped me build the confidence to heal my body image, love myself, find my purpose and chase my dreams. Within a few weeks, I made big exciting changes in my life, relationships and career path. As a result of our work I left my long-standing job as an accountant to re-train as a life coach and move abroad. I’m now manifesting my dream business, serving others and making an impact.”


kind words

“This is the best journey I’ve ever been and one I am so proud of. You wouldn’t recognise the woman I am today. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to Amy. If you’re looking for major transformation, confidence and self-worth, then Amy is your woman.”


kind words

“Amy made me feel so safe, loved, heard and empowered. She taught me how to take responsibility for my life without punishing myself. Amy helped me confront and heal a significant trauma that happened over 12 years ago -- this resulted in me having more raw and honest relationships with myself, friends and family. I would hate to think where I would be right now if I never world with Amy. She isn’t just a coach, she truly becomes a friend.”


kind words

“She changed my way of thinking, living and believing completely and gave me the courage to leave my career in pursuit of my dreams. Always so supportive and inspiring, Amy is the healing medicine you need when you’re afraid, but ready for change. I am so grateful to her.”


kind words

“Amy transformed my entire life. From the moment we met I felt relaxed, encouraged, inspired and able to open up. Amy has the warmest, wisest energy and is an extremely knowledgeable, talented coach. Even though I’d spent years battling with anxiety, bingeing and low confidence, Amy helped me make positive changes from day one. I’ve completely re-evaluated every aspect of my life and I have my sparkle back. THe work we did helped me get to the root of so many long-standing issues and set me on a new path for good. I feel reset, confident, glowing and motivated for the first time in years. I feel so lucky to be one of Amy’s clients and cannot recommend her enough.”


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I am formally certified as a Transformational Life Coach (ANIMAS TLC), Integrative Holistic Health Coach (IIN HTCP), a VITA Sex, Love & Relationships Coach in training and a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner in training. I am an experienced practitioner in the fields metaphysical energy, meditation, breathwork, emotional healing and a spiritual mentorship. I continue to train and study and I always will — I believe this work is a lifelong commitment. 

My most extensive training is from my life experiences though. Getting to the other side of a complete mental breakdown, childhood trauma, career confusion and failure, debt, a body image disorder, family break-downs, relationship issues, breakups and health challenges have taught me life lessons that I am inspired to teach you. I believe we are all our own best inner counsellor and coach, but sometimes we simply need support from someone else to help get us started.