The Goddess Rhythm

A business coven for you to code heaven on earth through ease, pleasure and relaxed devotion.

A business coven for you to code heaven on earth
through ease, pleasure and relaxed devotion.

Say this with me

Ease is my rhythm. 

My soul holds wisdom for the collective. 

Prosperity is my goddess-given birthright. 

My soulmate clients love me just as I am. 

I get paid to evolve and learn as I go. 

Self worship is a business necessity. 

My embodiment births my empire.

Fasten your crown goddess.
We’re collapsing time and going for a ride!

Valued at £4,444

It's yours for £2,222

It's A Full Body YES

I am here to reveal a new ‘way’. A biz dimension where your feminine desire leads and your grounded, inner King backs it up with ease.

I know you are ready to opt out of the chunky, draining hustle culture. You are repulsed by the soulless strategies of the business coaching world. None of that feels good to your soul.

None of that is who you are. 

Cold DMing people or sleazy sales scripts literally make your pussy shrivel.
Your entire BEING shrinks at the thought of endless hours behind a laptop.
You didn’t incarnate on earth just to feel burnt out all the time.

BUT this business fantasy playground isn’t for everyone.

It can be yours if you choose to radically trust.

You’ll have to trust yourself more than you ever did before.
You’ll meet voices inside that will beg for the safety of a fool-proof plan.
You’ll descend into shadows defined by an old paradigm.

And each time you will hand your fear over to Source and say…

The Goddess claims her own rhythm.

This 30 day portal is a medicine journey for divine humans ready to restructure their business reality and live their dharma with ease, magnetism, money majesty and miraculous self belief.

Psst... There is another way

Valued at £4,444

It's yours for £2,222

I recently had my first six figure month and my first 250k cash quarter in my business.

I birthed this quantum magic through being myself.

Embracing pleasured ease. Living without apology. Sharing my medicine. Embodying the teachings in this course.

So that is why I am opening The Goddess Rhythm.

Because seeing women pouring their wisdom into the world and getting paid generously…

...Gets my heart strings humming and illuminates 
a fire in my womb.

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Is this you, love?

Is this you, love?

You are a coach, healer, mentor, spiritual teacher or creative entrepreneur who wants to sprinkle your magic all over the world.

The thought of a regular job/life where you are being told what to do makes you throw up in your mouth. You are ready to lead in your own rhythm + create your own rules.

You tried some of the masculine business strategies. They were draining AF and something didn’t feel quite right. Your soul knows there IS a different way.

You wanna nail the deeper energetics of a pleasure-led business. And you need guidance.

Your dream business is a by-product of your natural desire, ease, pleasure, self-belief and magnetism.

You are ready to transcend the imposter syndrome, find your flow and work in a way that makes your soul happy.

Valued at £4,444

It's yours for £2,222

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What's Inside The Goddess Rhythm

30 Goddess-Coded Truths, Techniques and Transmissions

Everyday there is a new slice of heaven landing in your online portal.
You can have a 30 day party with me or integrate it all in your own rhythm.
Each day has a different vibe, practice, soul strategy or mastery ritual.

4 Sexy Masterclasses

Enjoy 4x magnetic masterclass, where I'll be sharing the juicy behind the scenes wisdom (and mistakes to avoid) from my own feminine business and abundance pathway.
Each masterclass will uncover the steps, energetics and rituals you need to fully step into your own juicy power and set your business on fire.

Feminine Magic 
and Manifestation Rituals

Because entrepreneurship is so lush, when you embrace your witchy inner Goddess.

Emotional Support Tools

Your humanness isn’t separate to your biz ascension. Your empire gets to be one big awakening, heart opening ceremony.
Embrace the mess and claim your throne anyway.

Mystery Bonuses
They are reallllll good. 
But you have to wait to find out!

A business coven for you to code heaven on earth through ease, pleasure and relaxed devotion.

Self-Led Course

Self-Led Course

The Goddess Rhythm

A business coven for you to code heaven on earth through ease, pleasure and relaxed devotion.

Valued at £4,444

It's yours for £2,222


One Payment of £2,222


2 Monthly Payments of £1,111