Ignite your business rebel, untame your leadership + say yes to an incredible 2023.



Dripping in growth, courage + soul-good strategy.

This intimate space for for you if you're a slightly unhinged, fabulous spiritual entrepreneur ready to turn the heat up on your unapologetic leadership... and learn the heart-led strategic moves that actually move the needle in your biz and your bank account.


2 Live calls a month
1 x Masterclass (2hrs) with replay
1 x Live Q+A Group Coaching Call (90 mins) with replay

Plus 4 bonus embodiment + activation events with the world class experts (these happen every quarter)

And there's more...

Every month, luxuriate in live experiences...

Powerfully intimate Voxer Group

This is where we set weekly intentions + celebrations, you can ask all the delicious poignant questions and we riff back and forth in voicenotes.

A dimension of powerful business queens and ME by your side (and in your pocket) all year long.

Throughout the year...

Plenty of extra surprises and the vibiest mystery guest experts

20% off any other 2022 programs

Your next level of badassery, luxury + spiciness

And more magic..

 Is For THIS Woman...


You’re a coach, entrepreneur or creative thought leader with a hot desire to make bold waves online and in your biz. Life’s groovy, but you’re ready to meet the next growth edge, mature your leadership + trust yourself with more responsibility.

You’re bored of most business coaches. You want to be in an environment with women who share similar values + visionary dreams. The ones you can grow, collaborate + ride the waves with… receiving unique, "holy shit" insights + inspiration in real-time.

You want to build trust and intimacy in your community. Sales are smooth and feel good for everyone, because there is no pedestal or “power over” culture or shady tactics. You want to be successful, without selling your soul. You're willing to do what it takes to create a business you're not only proud of... but a legacy that lasts.

You thought you were the queen of boundaries… Until that one freaking client who you COULDN’T win with… who brought up all the icky insecurities + made you question your power as a leader. You're ready to find your groove in the space between compassionate nuance AND honouring your boundaries and standards.

You may have created a name for yourself in a niche, but your soul and personality is feeling a little boxed in. You're ready to let the full spectrum of your expression shine.

You have big money goals, but you don’t want people talking shit about you, calling you one of “those” superficial coaches. You genuinely want to make people feel amazing + the world a better place... and you're here to make bank doing work you adore!

You’re confident, but an even fiercer voice is asking to pour through you. Time to say BYE to the *cringe* and hello to a no-fucks-given frequency when you share the real talk post.

You’re no longer available for FAKE anything. Fake selling, marketing strategies, being copied, “fake it til you make it” or walking around on eggshells.

You wanna bring the witchy, sensual, quirkier parts of YOU online… but you’re meeting an edge around how people might receive or judge you for that.

You want to get amazing results for yourself and your clients, without working like a crazy person and burning yourself into the ground. A life of freedom is calling… You know it is time to strengthen the boundaries + accountability that support this way of being.

You are done with the weird + “off” power dynamics in the industry. Fuck the hierarchy, bypassing and sister wounds. It’s time to stop letting other people's projections shake your spirit. Because you're here to share your genius, loud and proud.

You wanna experience your business as a catalyst of deep self realisation, artistry, service and meaning.

The prayer you just read... was the commitment I made in my journal in 2020. Not long after this, I moved to Spain, joined a mastermind and my business took off, crossing 7 figures. I felt more abundant, authentic and supported than ever before.

And my biz and bank account reflected it!

But real talk…

In 2022, I let my standards drop. I sat in the void, festering over challenges and was super lax with my boundaries (not in a good way). I was riding solo without the support of mastermind sisters or mentors and I temporarily forgot my original prayer.

I share this because being a leader and online biz owner is a ride. It's not for everyone. But in my experience, it's been an amazing experience that's taught me everything I know about power, strength, courage and service.

My saving grace?

The mentors and peers that have supported me through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Unapologetic is a 3 month mastermind that was born from this inspiration. This experience brings brave coaches, feminine leaders + change-makers together to make magic. You'll be mentored and coached to bring your business to new heights, integrating energetics and strategy that deeply align with your values.

This mastermind space is where we practice healthy feminine leadership principles, where her power and your power co-exist... and we co-create our visions side by side.

The fire has been lit… & an unapologetic season of your leadership awaits.

Ayesha, Oath Oracle

"Amy supported me through the biggest initiations I've had in business. I reduced my hours + stabilised 40k months while doing less LOL Amy is an amazing expander as a fellow Projector doing life in a way that is aligned with her blueprint. I adore her." 

Kat Horrocks

"Amy held massive space for my wildest abundance in business & life. From quantum leaping to six figures, to childhood wounds, to orgasmic manifestation… Amy can hold, guide and activate it all. It was a 360 transformation for me."

Jocelyn Kelly Reid

"One of the best coaching experiences of my life! I doubled my income to my first $100k month + found a deeper level of truth, fire, alignment + standards in life and love. Amy is a force of nature + delivered everything I desired.. and then some." 

Jordan Bone

"Working with Amy was so powerful - I came away inspired & my soul ignited. I had a successful launch of my first group coaching program & I owe that to the support I received from Amy."

Phoebe Marie

"Amy carries codes of divine light and it is incredible to receive. I am living in alignment with my soul, feminine energy, mission & desires. Deep reverence for Amy, her magic & the sacred spaces she holds."

Christina Arntz

"Working with Amy on my biz has been one of the most expansive experiences of my life!! I am different because of this magical space we created."

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FULL payment
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 January 3rd - December 23rd (but join anytime in 2022 + catch our previous calls and recordings)