Are you ready to claim a hotter, sexier exchange with money?

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Wild Sexy Money


Lets talk about money

Money does not need to cause pain and contraction in your body or be a source of distress, scarcity and fear.

Money doesn’t have to feel sticky in your throat or like some taboo thing you have to whisper about.

Money is a huge aspect of our everyday reality, whether you acknowledge that or not. Money does make the world go around. So like it or not, we are in a relationship with money.

Money get's to be...

A catalyst for pleasurable, soul-awakening experiences.

A source of freedom, liberation and spiritual spaciousness in your day.

A resource that creates safety in your womb when you need to rest.

A way to amplify your impact + share your generosity with the world.

An energy that revolutionises your reality + supports the ones you love.

You get to choose what that relationship looks and feels like.

Together we will cover...

Identifying the sticky, deepest money beliefs in your body and how to begin shifting these stories.

Dropping the guilt and shame and seeing money as a force for good on the planet.

Expanding your receiving potential through feminine + masculine energy integration.

Practices for transforming the way we hold and respond to the flow of money.

Releasing pieces of yourself that feel unsafe, needy or desperate around money.

Approaching money from a space of relaxation, seduction and enchantment.

Upgrading your prosperity consciousness and creating space for miracles.

Getting up close and sexy with the frequency of money.

Bringing ease and trust to the manifestation process.

What's Inside Wild Sexy Money

4 Sexy Masterclasses

Dive into 4x 90 minute masterclasses (prerecorded) with me to unlock each money magic code and step into deep abundance consciousness. You can keep coming back to these teachings over and over again. Because they work.

Money Magic + Manifestation Rituals

Integration is everything. You'll be playing with rituals + embodiment practices to anchor the teachings + get your body feeling safer and receptive to a new money paradigm.

Quantum Manifestation Masterclass

This mystery masterclass is so dope. I share the key threads of how I personally get in the flow with manifesting money, results + desires. Get inside to find out.

Jocelyn Kelly Reid

"Amy is a force of nature in the world, an incarnation of the energy of Mother Gaia herself, and I am SO GLAD I followed the call to invest in private work with her. One of the best coaching experiences of my life!"

Phoebe Marie

"Amy carries are of a divine light and it is incredible to witness & receive. I am living in alignment with my soul, my feminine energy, my mission & my desires. Deep reverence for Amy, her magic & the sacred spaces she holds."

Christina Arntz

"Working with Amy on my biz has been one of the most expansive experiences of my life!! I am different because of this magical space we created."

Jordan Bone

"Working with Amy was so powerful - I came away inspired & my soul ignited. I had a successful launch of my first group coaching program & I owe that to the support I received from Amy. "

Are you ready to claim a hotter, sexier exchange with money?

Wild Sexy Money

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