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Amy taught me to uncouple struggle from success & radically love the part of me that desires to be seen, heard & enjoy the success I've created.

I'd created a lot of "external" success in my business - 20k months & a booked out calendar - but my body felt bruised & deeply burnt out.

Working with Amy 1:1 and in her mastermind, I reduced my hours, stabilized 40k months... literally while doing LESS lol. Amy is an amazing expander as a fellow Projector doing business, very aligned with her blueprint.

Amy also supported me through some of the biggest & most challenging initiations I've had in my biz to date.

I learned to radically love & accept myself - especially the parts of me that desire to express my beauty, be seen & heard & live in a state of aliveness & radiance.

She is highly intuitive, compassionate & deeply cares about her clients... but she also ignites the fire in you to go after what you want & have FUN with your business!

Her spaceholding is SO powerful, graceful & in high integrity.
And the sisterhood in her group spaces is unlike anything I have experienced.

I adore Amy.


Astrologer & Business Oracle

I doubled my income to my first $100k month in our time together - yep a full double from $50k. I found a deeper level of truth and fire within me. 

Amy delivered everything I desired and then some. The healing, the fucking WISDOM - you do not understand how deep her wisdom is in literally every area of life, the true blue business coaching when I desired it, the healing, the peace... I got it all, and I have the results to show for it.

My standards and how I led my romantic life reached a deeper level of alignment and power. I stepped deeper into sovereignty. I just got it all and loved every moment of our time together.

Amy is a force of nature and I am SO GLAD I followed the call to invest in private work with her. One of the best coaching experiences of my life!

AND she's funny as f*ck and I like that ;)



A RADICAL transformation.

Working with Amy helped me quantum leap beyond 6 figures & become happier, healthier & wealthier.

Amy held massive space for my deepest healing and wildest abundance in business and in life.

From £10k months, to childhood wounds, to orgasmic manifestation… Amy can hold, guide and activate it all. It was a RADICAL transformation for me.

Our work together has allowed me to quantum leap in my business to 6 figures and more within 12 months. I am happier, healthier and wealthier because of Amy’s mentorship and guidance.


Mindset & Manifestation Coach, Healer & Spiritual Guide


12/10 can recommend!

I vibe on a completely different frequency now & I've become a much better mentor.

Working with Amy on my biz has been one of the most expansive experiences of my life!! I am completely different because of this magical space we created.

What I received from our work together feels FAR more profound than just increasing revenue. Amy’s presence alone taught me so much about self-leadership + how to truly lean back in life and business.

It’s been life-changing & I’ve become a much better mentor. I vibe on a completely different frequency now.

I am forever grateful and changed! 12/10 can recommend!


Holistic Business Mentor for Female CEOs


Multidimensional mentorship for big-hearted, head turning leaders.

I quantum leaped in biz, made more revenue than ever, fell deeply in love with myself & now live a life where I pinch myself daily.

After moving countries, pivoting in business & going through a breakup…I felt like I’d been completely stripped bare & the Universe was asking me to rebuild.

After finding Amy & bingeing ALL her free content… I decided to enrol in ALL her courses in 2021, become a 1:1 client & join her business mastermind.

To say that my life has transformed from being in Amy's energy & absorbing her codes would be a HUGE understatement.

I quantum leaped in my biz, fell deeply in love with myself & now live a life where I ‘pinch myself’ daily.

Amy is a radical permission slip to follow those big, bold, badass dreams & ask for what you truly desire. The wisdom she shares is THE roadmap to get you there.

If you are considering working with Amy, dive in head first & be prepared for MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION. Thank you Amy for everything. You are an angel on earth & I am forever grateful for you.


Quantum Energy Healer, Biz Coach, Meditation Mystic & Podcaster.


I came deeper into my truth & unapologetic expression - having Amy as your coach is such a gift!

Being in Amy's mastermind was such an epic experience!

I felt so deeply held & SEEN in the full spectrum of what makes me, ME!

One of my greatest transformations during our 10 months together was coming deeper into my truth & unapologetic expression.

I’m deeply grateful for the depth of support, care, & love Amy holds in her spaces. It’s clear as day that she truly gives a fuck about you & that created so much openness to receive her incredible support.

Amy is a soul sister for life & I highly recommend working with her.


Breathwork Facilitator, Intuitive Mentor & Embodiment Coach


I dare you to create the BIG, abundant + wildly pleasurable life you've been dreaming of.

She helped me own my power & step into confidence during big shifts in my business. I honestly don't know how I'd have gotten through last year without her!

Amy supported me during a challenging & significant time in my life. Not only was I getting married, I was also pivoting my business in a new direction - which brought up LOTS of fear & overwhelm.

Thank GOD I had Amy to offer her wisdom in the hard times, plus encouragement & celebration in the happy moments. I honestly don't know how I'd have gotten through last year without her!

She helped me own my power & step into confidence around my wedding and big shifts in my business... and I'm thrilled to report that both went AMAZINGLY as a result!

Amy is a remarkable space holder with impeccable standards & integrity. I regard her as one of the best & most highly skilled coaches around today, and can't recommend working with her highly enough.


Dating & Relationship Coach & 3x Author
“One of the UK’s most successful Love Coaches” - Times


My business was on and off due to depression... Now I'm hitting consistent £30K months and showing up as a true leader & trailblazer in my life and biz.

Working with Amy changed my life, how I show up in relationships, how I viewed my “blocks” and totally changed how I run my business.

I was able to move through some of my deepest shadows with Amy holding me with such power. As a result I’m showing up as the true leader & trailblazer that I am in my life and biz.

I attracted the man of my dreams.

My business went from being on and off due to my depression... to being consistent and something I am so amazingly proud of.

I'm hitting consistent £30K months which I never thought was possible before.

The inner child & pleasure work we moved through in our 5 months together 1:1 unblocked so much for me and I am so grateful I worked with Amy.




I had a successful launch of my first group coaching program & I owe that to the support I received from Amy

Working with Amy was so powerful - I came away inspired & my soul ignited. I had a successful launch of my first group coaching program & I owe that to the support I received from Amy.

Investing in yourself can often be scary but I’ve come to realise the more you invest the more you grow! Forever grateful to have Amy’s guidance, pure love & support.


Spiritual Coach & Soul Sistar


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