Hi, I’m Amy.

I’m the UK’s leading Confidence Coach & Transformational Mentor.

I’m on a big mission to support women just like you, to get their sparkle back.

After experiencing my own ‘confidence crisis’ and mental health rock bottom, I went on to create the life of my dreams. Now, I work with women all over the world, who are drained by self-doubt, comparison and people pleasing, to get unstuck and feel boldly confident, free & aligned with their purpose.

Anything is possible when you have confidence.

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With confidence, you could create anything.

Confidence influences everything from the relationships we call in, the money we manifest, the freedom we experience and the well-being of our mind, body and soul. When you feel radiantly confident on the inside, your life will change dramatically on the outside.

I offer 1-2-1 confidence coaching and a globally-acclaimed group coaching experience - the ‘Make Your Magic’ Academy - which launches twice a year. I also offer confidence-focused business mentoring for wellness coachers & practitioners who are looking to simultaneously scale their success.


You were born to make magic.

Confidence Coaching is a life-changing process; an investment in the dream life you want to manifest. I empower my clients to have complete confidence transformations so they can uncover what really lights them up inside and make an impact. You deserve to feel wildly worthy and confident in every area of your life. I have radically transformed my life, and so can you.

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Only 4 years ago I was struggling with a mental health & confidence crisis. Following a series of toxic relationships, money struggles & seriously unhealthy habits, I felt stuck and overwhelmed.

In a few short years, I healed myself from the inside out & turned my life around.

I went on a journey of personal development that led to me quitting my job and moving abroad, where I then started my own business and met my soulmate in the space of one magical year. I’ve attracted soulful friendships, health and wealth and become one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet.

Now, I share my gifts as a confidence coach, to help other women go on the same magic journey I have.

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