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Ayesha, Oath Oracle 

"Amy supported me through the biggest initiations I've had in business. I reduced my hours + stabilised 40k months while doing less LOL Amy is an amazing expander as a fellow Projector doing life in a way that is aligned with her blueprint. I adore her." 

Kat Horrocks

"Amy held massive space for my wildest abundance in business & life. From quantum leaping to six figures, to childhood wounds, to orgasmic manifestation… Amy can hold, guide and activate it all. It was a 360 transformation for me."

Jocelyn Kelly Reid

"One of the best coaching experiences of my life! I doubled my income to my first $100k month + found a deeper level of truth, fire, alignment + standards in life and love. Amy is a force of nature + delivered everything I desired.. and then some." 

Jordan Bone

"Working with Amy was so powerful - I came away inspired & my soul ignited. I had a successful launch of my first group coaching program & I owe that to the support I received from Amy."

Phoebe Marie

"Amy carries codes of divine light and it is incredible to receive. I am living in alignment with my soul, feminine energy, mission & desires. Deep reverence for Amy, her magic & the sacred spaces she holds."

Christina Arntz

"Working with Amy on my biz has been one of the most expansive experiences of my life!! I am different because of this magical space we created."







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