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Meet Amy

through body, breath and heart led leadership

I'm a world-renowned thought leader on empowerment for women. My mission is to offer transformational healing experiences to women who know they are meant to change the world in big ways. I have a special affinity for empowering my clients in the "naughty areas" that women are typically taught to sit down, shut up or be ashamed about.

Through my wildly popular digital courses, the The Amy Rushworth Show podcast, retreats, Instagram presence and free daily content... I support women around the world every single day to make their "unrealistic" dreams a reality and create lives that are beautifully pleasurable, abundant and true to their soul.

I combine my background and qualifications in transformational coaching, somatic healing, holistic integrative health and breathwork, with real life wisdom and a deep embodiment of energetic principles and teachings. Over the years I've built a seven-figure global mentoring business that serves clients and students in dozens of countries.

My own journey into somatic healing, empowerment and soul liberation... started from the depths of addictions, trauma and disempowerment. And... I wouldn't change one single thing. This part of my life was the turning point from which my unapologetic determination and a desire to help others, began. What started as self-healing from PTSD and rock bottom at 23 years old... has grown over the years, into a globally recognised company and movement that has empowered thousands of women.

In my world, heart-led women get to be wildly powerful, at peace, and financially, spiritually and emotionally free to be themselves. I want all women to totally love their lives, follow their hearts and feel powerful enough to set the boundaries, standards and intentions to make their wildest dreams a reality.

At the heart of everything I do, I stand for a world where women embrace all of the dimensions of who they are.

Medicine Woman + Spiritual Empowerment Mentor for women who are ready to f*ck off the rules and come home to their heart, unapologetic wholeness and pleasure.

I serve you to:

★ Address the subconscious parts of you that need loving and reparenting in order to unapologetically thrive

★ Help you get what you want in life, faster, through breathwork, trauma-informed mentorship and energetic support tools

★ Unleash your inner rebel and bold desires, in a way that doesn't overwhelm your nervous system or inner child

★ Release deep unconscious wounds and old beliefs, through body-based healing, so you can easefully create a beautiful future

★ Make the unrealistic, possible. Become a change-maker in your lineage and never settle for anything less than what you really want.

★ Make more money without sacrificing your body, vitality, integrity or pleasure.

★ Create a potent connection between your mind and body to deepen intuition, spiritual gifts and un-fuckwithable confidence.






I’m an unapologetic woman that celebrates the fuck out of my multidimensionality - from the wealthy Chanel loving CEO, to the witch who dances under the moon, to the Leo lioness who loves memes, breathwork, crystal dildos and telling it like it is.

Mental Projector in Human Design with a badass vision for the planet. Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising and North Node in Capricorn. I’m here to make waves, I channel my wisdom and I always, always do it in style.

My arrival in fabulous health, wealth + body based business was born from a painful past of PTSD, sexual trauma + addiction. I made a bold commitment with Spirit to learn how to fiercely love myself + design a new reality… and everything shifted.

 I’m here for a world where women boldly honour their desire for pleasure, wealth, liberated expression + badass self leadership. Women who know, love and trust who they are... will change history.

I believe solid boundaries + iconic standards help women to heal. As we heal the inner good girl, aka the martyr… we heal the entire world. Powerful women who love and care for themselves, love and care generously for others.

Ignite your spicy business rebel, untame your leadership + say yes to a wildly exponential year.



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