I am a coach to multidimensional

I’m here to help you claim pleasure, wealth + lit up leadership... and build a full spectrum empire being fiercely, unapologetically YOU.

Meet Amy


I wasn't always the unapologetic, self leading woman calling queens into their queendom.

My journey into full body, soul, financial liberation... started from the depths of trauma and disempowerment.

And... I wouldn't change one single thing.

I was catapulted into an identity of unapologetic determination, unwavering self-belief, a deep desire to serve women + build an unforgettable legacy. What started as self-healing from PTSD at 23 years old... has grown over the years, into a globally recognised brand + podcast that empower a paradigm of fierce feminine business, pleasure, money, power and leadership.

In my world, heart-led women get to be wildly powerful, wealthy, spiritual, liberated + obsessed with how YUM their lives are. Killing it in business, love and life... and doing it with style, boundaries, bold expression + integrity.

And at the heart of it all, I believe in a world where women embrace all of the dimensions of who they are.

I walk with you as you...
Bridge the inner witch with the Chanel wearing CEO.
Offer profound service to the world AND enjoy your money.
Bring the unapologetic essence of you, fully online.
Become the rockstar who defines your industry.
Sell to the dreamboat clients in your DMs.
Honour the fuck out of your boundaries.
Build a brand that seeds a legacy.

Coach to multidimensional leaders who are here to boldly serve the world, make incredible money doing it + live dreamy-as-fuck lives.

I serve you to:

★ Make CEO power moves + claim sexy boundaries that amplify your empire with integrity.

★ Merge the yin + yang of biz + money, to collapse time, get high calibre clients dripping for your codes and at the heart of it all... designing a life that’s dreamy as fuck.

★ Unlock rebellious expression to rise into bold voice recognition, impact + affluence.

★ Infuse your brand, content, marketing + offerings with vibey levels of oomph, emotional intelligence + magnetism. 

★ Make the unrealistic, possible. Become a change-maker in your industry. Never settle for anything less than the full body fuck yes.

★ Make more money without sacrificing the body, integrity, pleasure or truth.






I’m an unapologetic woman that celebrates the fuck out of my multidimensionality - from the wealthy Chanel loving CEO, to the witch who dances under the moon, to the Leo lioness who loves memes, breathwork, crystal dildos and telling it like it is.

Mental Projector in Human Design with a badass vision for the planet. Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising and North Node in Capricorn. I’m here to make waves, I channel my wisdom and I always, always do it in style.

My arrival in fabulous health, wealth + body based business was born from a painful past of PTSD, sexual trauma + addiction. I made a bold commitment with Spirit to learn how to fiercely love myself + design a new reality… and everything shifted.

 I’m creating a paradigm where women boldly honour their desire for pleasure, wealth, liberation + badass leadership. I’m a stand for the queens who are birthing legacies + businesses from the heart, body, pussy + Spirit.

I have a huge heart, I give a fuck about what matters... and I take no shit. I believe solid boundaries + iconic standards elevate the bar for all of us, our businesses and the world. As we heal the distortions of feminine martyrdom… we access a deeper level of energetic integrity, generosity + embodied leadership.

Ignite your spicy business rebel, untame your leadership + say yes to a wildly exponential year.

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