Helping women embrace unapologetic power & *pinch me* lives.

Amy helps women heal the fear, shame and deep roots of their consciousness that stop them from becoming the most free, empowered and unapologetically expressed version of themselves.

Amy creates transformation-centred healing and coaching experiences with a difference. She walks with big-spirited women who feel like the "black sheep" but also know they are meant for more.

Amy's affinity and gifts lie in empowering her clients to become wildly authentic and unapologetic. She teaches her clients how to embody "how DARE she!" energy, but with calm confidence and self assurance. Amy helps her clients liberate the parts of themselves they have been taught to repress or be ashamed of.

Amy will support you to trust yourself like never before, make your "unrealistic" dreams your NEW NORMAL and live a life oozing in power, peace + joy!

Amy has built a killer reputation for being amazing at what she does and now serves thousands of women in dozens of countries, globally.

She brings a special sauce + empathy to her work, having experienced her own battles with addiction, PTSD and surviving sexual abuse a decade ago.

Amy rebuilt her life, mental health and self worth from ZERO. After years of healing, therapy and spiritual awakening, she dedicated her life to empowering other women and becoming a lighthouse for their healing.

In Amy's world, you get to be wildly powerful, at peace, and financially, spiritually and emotionally free to be yourself. She wants all women to love their lives, follow their hearts and feel deeply confident in setting boundaries, standards and intentions that make their wildest dreams a reality.

Amy stands for a world where women embrace ALL the multifaceted dimensions of themselves and the courage to be who they were born to be.

Empowerment Mentor, Sexual Wellness Educator & Breathwork Healer to women who are ready to f*ck off the rules and create lives of unapologetic, unashamed power & expression.

Meet Amy

& learning lineage

Amy is passionate about mastering her craft and believes in being a life-long student dedicated to growth, impact and excellence.


Certified RBT Practitioner (Rebirthing Breathwork Level 1 with Global Breathing Awareness)

Certified Transformational Coach (Animas Coaching, London)

Certified Somatic Parts Work Practitioner (Levels I, II & III)

Certified Integrative Health Coach (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)

Other Teachers + Learning Lineage:

VITA™ Love, Sex + Intimacy Coaching Program with Layla Martin, Intimate training with Master Rebirthers Katia Boustani & Sifis Pagkalinis, IFS, Somatic Parts Work by Dr Richard Schwartz and Fran D. Booth, Trauma Informed Space Holding with Katie Kurtz

In the coming year I will be doing my Advanced Levels (up to Level III) in Rebirthing Breath Therapy with the intention to certify other people in this incredible healing method. I will also be undertaking a more extensive certificate in Somatic Attachment Therapy.


SCOPE of practice

I serve you to:

★ Develop your mind-body connection, so you can feel deep levels of self love, self worth & empowerment. Walk into any room with unshakeable confidence in who you are.

Identify and heal limiting beliefs/patterns that block your authentic expression, self-belief, pleasure + abundance.

★ Make bigger moves towards your *pinch me* dreams minus the shame, imposter syndrome or inner critic.

Heal your fear of expression & unleash your bold voice - so that you aren't afraid censoring yourself or holding back your gifts.

★ Release deep wounds of people pleasing, comparison & scarcity that keep you settling for mediocre circumstances and relationships

Clear the fear of being judged, cancelled or "exposed as a fraud" from your subconscious completely

★ Cultivate hotter healthier relationships to yourself & others, through nurturing your relationship to self pleasure and sex

Develop the inner resources within yourself so you can handle anything life throws at you, with the utmost confidence and trust

★ Move towards your goals much faster (in life or business) with lots of tough love, accountability + me in your corner.


through multidimensional mentorship, somatic healing techniques and coaching,

Fun Facts

I’m an unapologetic woman that celebrates the fuck out of my multidimensionality. I love my Chanel and makeup, as much as I love a full moon sound healing and weekly pottery class. I'm not here to fit into a box.

I'm a Mental Projector in Human Design which is very rare. I'm a Leo Sun, Taurus Moon, Virgo Rising. In Gene Keys my life is defined by Key 33 and in Numerology I'm a Life Path 4. I'm definitely much deeper than many people would assume.

I came to this line of work after a past of PTSD, sexual trauma + addiction. I turned my life around, healed and learned how to love myself… and as a result I manifested my dream life. It sounds like SUCH a fucking cliche, but it's true. And I'm proud of my journey.

I’m here for a world where women boldly honour their authentic natures beyond the rules of society and let their expression roar. I want every woman to believe in, trust and love herself.

I'm here for the deep work.

Not everyone is ready to do the inner work it really takes to transform reality and create their dream lives. I'm here for the women who are dedicated, brave and willing to do what it takes to revolutionise their futures.





Ready to burn the rules and STOP apologising for who you are & what you want?


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